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Nasif Enterprise Logo

                 Nasif Enterprise Logo

We are the distributor and supplier of Laboratory and Molecular Biology Reagents, ATCC- Standard Organism, Biological Indicators and other Consumables – including – Petri Dish, Rodac Plate, Centrifuge Tube, Micro-Pipette, Tips, Membrane Filter Water Quality and Environmental testing reagents etc. for the Healthcare and Life Science sectors in Bangladesh. Very recent we added machine and their spare parts.

Nasif Enterprise is a dynamic outfit (private company) created by our founder Mr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir in the year 2009. We have the most experienced technical personnel including Microbiologist, Mechanical and Water Resource Engineers with a dynamic group of marketing/service team. Our customers include Pharmaceutical Companies, Research Institutes, Universities and INGOs in Bangladesh.

Some of our major Principal Brands Include: Microbiologics (USA), WAKO (USA), Palintest (UK), SEKISUI Diagnostics (UK), Sartorius (Germany), Accumax (INDIA), SPL (Korea).

Vision: To Provide Unmatched Quality Products/Services Fulfilling Our Economic, Environmental and Social

Mission: Our mission is “to supply right products and services at the right time”.


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