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We are the distributor and supplier of Laboratory and Molecular Biology Reagents, Standard Organisms (derived from ATCC/NCTC), Biological Indicators and other Consumables - including - Petri Dish, Rodac Plate, Centrifuge Tube, Micro-Pipette, Tips, Membrane Filter, Water Quality and Environmental testing reagents etc. for the Healthcare and Life Science sectors in Bangladesh. Very recent we added machines and their spares.

Featured Products

Our popular products include reagents, consumables, accessories, instruments with their spares for Pharmaceuticals, Microbiological, Food Safety, Water and Environmental analysis.

Lysate with Control Standard Endotoxin (CSE)

LAL Test Reagent (For Gel Clot Method) with CSE

0.03 EU/ml, 0.125 EU/ ml, 500 NG/Vial

Brand/Origin USA

Reference Standard Organisms derived from ATCC / NCTC and Original Strains from NCIMB/ NCTC/ NCPF

Ready-to-use quality control biomaterials/ reference strains for microbial quality testing in clinical, pharmaceutical, food, water and educational/research industries with over thousand strains of bacteria, fungi parasites and viruses in a variety of user friendly formats including qualitative, quantitative, Certified Reference Material and Parasite Suspensions under the categories 1. Culture Purposes and QC Applications (KWIK-STIK™, KWIK-STIK™ Plus, LYFO DISK™, QC Sets and Panels) 2. Controls of Molecular Assays (Helix Elite™) 3. Parasite Suspensions and QC Microbiology Slides 4. Certified Reference Material (Epower™ CRM, Lab-Elite™ CRM) 5. Food Safety (UV-BioTAG™, EZ-PEC™, EZ-SPORE™) 6. Multiple Application Enumeration Challenges (Epower™) 7. Water Testing (EZ-Hydro Shot™) 8. Two Passages from Reference Culture (KWIK-STIK™ Plus) 9. Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Dietary Supplement Products (EZ-Accu Shot™, EZ-Accu Shot™ Select, EZ-CFU™, EZ-CFU™ One Step, EZ-PEC™ 10. Genomic Molecular Controls for Mycoplasma Testing (Genomic Helix Elite™, Molecular Standards 11. UNEX Buffer 12. Original strains from NCIMB/ NCTC/ NCPF.

Brand/Origin: Microbiologics (USA)

β – Lactamase

Freeze –dried product containing buffer salts and zinc and is has a broad range of activity against both penicillins (βI activity) and cephalosporins (βII activity). It has also been demonstrated to inactivate Carbapenems.

> 500 βI IU/Vial

> 50 βII IU/Vial

Brand/Origin: SEKISUI Diagnostics (UK)

Nitrate Test Kits

Nitrate Test Kits are based on tablet reagents and visual color comparison or color/turbidity change method

0-17 mg/L N

Brand/Origin: Palintest (UK)


of different capacity

Brand/Origin: Accumax (India)


Freeze –dried product containing buffer salts and active against penicillins only

> 3000 IU/Vial

Brand/Origin: SEKISUI Diagnostics (UK)

Micro-Pipette Tips

Low retention Micro-pipette tips Filtered/ non-filtered, Sterile, Pyrogen, DNA, Dnase, Rnase, ATP Free

of different capacity

Brand/Origin: Accumax (India)

Centrifuge Tubes

Sterile, non-sterile, of pharma grade plastic

of different capacity

Brand/Origin: Accumax (India)

Rodac Plate

Made of medical-grade polystyrene; High degree of transparency for optimal analysis by microscopy, with uniform thickness and smooth surface, Sterile

55 mm

Brand/Origin: Korea

Free & Total Chlorine Test Kits

Free & Total Chlorine Test Kits are based on tablet reagents and visual color comparison or color/turbidity change method

0-2 mg/L Cl2

Brand/Origin: Palintest (UK)

We are connected with ...

Leading ISO 13485 (having ISO 17205 , ISO Guide 34 accreditation and FDA registered establishment) certified provider of QC microorganisms including quantitative, Qualitative, Parasite suspensions and Certified Reference Materials.
SekiSui Diagnostics (UK)
Sekisui Diagnostics is a leading provider of Enzymes and delivers differential (Pharmaceutical Antibiotic Production Type) products, services and instruments that improve health care sector worldwide. It meets our diagnostic needs also.
Accumax Lab Technology
Accumax Lab Technology is one the fastest growing ISO 17025, ISO 13485 Certified manufacturer of liquid handling equipment in the world.
Palintest provide a range of water, environmental test kits and products in applications across environmental monitoring, industrial processes and public health.

Valued Clients

Top ranked Pharmaceutical Companies , Health Care and Research Institutions

"Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Bangladesh."

BEXIMCO Pharmaceuticals Limited via

"Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Limited, also known as SK+F, is a pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh. It is part of the Transcom Group."

SK+F Pharmaceuticals Limited via

"Renata Limited is one of the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical and animal health product companies in Bangladesh."

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"The ACME Laboratories Ltd. is a leading company for manufacturing world-class and top-quality pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh."

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Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd. via

"Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, the flagship company of Square Group, is holding the strong leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh."

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"Nuvista Pharma Limited has been operating in Bangladesh since 1964 as Organon (Bangladesh) which was a subsidiary of Organon"

Nuvista Pharma Limited via

"Aristopharma Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh."

Aristopharma Ltd. via

"Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA), the principle drug regulatory agency in Bangladesh"

Directorate General of Drug Administration via


Institute of Public Health (IPH) via

"JMI formed the company NIPRO-JMI by collaboration with NIPRO CORPORATION which is a Japan (Osaka)-based company engaged in the manufacture of medical devices, pharmaceutical products and medical and glass products (Glass ampoules and Vials for Pharmaceuticals packing use). Nipro is one of the top producers of medical products worldwide."

Nipro JMI Co. Ltd. via

Our Dynamic Team Members

We have the most experienced technical personnel including Microbiologist, Mechanical and Water Resource Engineers with a dynamic group of marketing/service team.

Mohammad Humayun Kabir
Syeda Nasima Akter
Syed Faysal Hossain
Mostafa Kamal
Executive Officer
Musfiq Rahman
International Business Development Officer


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